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Certificate Of Origin
Get certificate of origin for proving the origin of a national product.
Organisation of Commercial Agencies for all applications and issues regarding agency protection in the UAE
Foreign Companies
Foreign Companies Department is responsible for registering and organising foreign companies branches in the UAE.
Industrial Licenses
Issue industrial licenses, duty excemption and other related services.
Trademarks registration, declaration, requests of objection, and other works related to the trademarks.
Private Joint-Stock Company
Organizing the process of establishing private joint stock companies
Intellectual Property
Protecting intellectual property
Auditing Accounts
Auditing Accounts Services
Consumer Protection
Providing information and advice to consumers and retailer / sellers about their rights and responsibilities
Business Licenses
Provides a public service to check the availability to reserve a Business Name across the UAE
Foreign Trade
Provides tools for UAE foreign trade data enquiry in interactive and dynamic way and according to user preferences
Industrial Property
Patent, Utility Certificate, Industrial Design And Drawing Registration, Search Industrial Property And Other Works Related To Industrial Property
Cooperatives Department
Cooperatives Registration, Controlling, Support and Awareness